Message from Mr. Mohammed Bashir
Managing Director, Rani Food Industries Ltd. (RFIL)

Here at Our organization Rani Food Industries Ltd. (Brands: GoldMark, Ringo & Rani), we believe that each and every consumer deserves quality products. It is our basic right. Since the inception of Rani Food Industries Ltd. on February 2012, we have definitely supported the highest quality food products. Now, about a decade, we are reinventing ourselves as Rani Food Industries Ltd and that same dedication to quality will be our link to our heritage.

We understand the demands of our consumers & we will focus all our energies on meeting those consumers’ demands. We have always been aware of our products qualities.

Therefore, everything we do in all our operations and activities, are focused towards improving the image of our country and the lives of people through quality products.

I would like to invite all our trusted consumers and partners in the form of consumers, retailers and wholesalers to stay with us for the positive quality journey for the people of home & abroad.

Director Madam-2

Message from Ms. Rokeya Begum
Chairman, Rani Food Industries Ltd.(RFIL)

From the inception (February 2013) of the Rani Food Industries Ltd.(Brands: GoldMark, Ringo & Rani) is  trying to cover almost the entire range of consumer food products and services as per the demand & satisfaction of the consumer We acknowledge with deep gratitude the level of trust to our consumer as they are having our products and services. Consumer focus is one of our values and we try to maintain that trust through Quality food Products.

 Our country is developing very rapidly & close to reach the earning level of a middle income country. In this regards our management also in a mission to keep contribution to the nation by proper utilization of upcoming opportunities to the food sector in home & abroad. I belief that our management has the foresight and capacity to meet the future situation by growing the business with at a rapid pace through quality Food products. The strategic vision with which this conglomerate is being led by the Managing Director and his Executive team is appreciated. I thank employees at all levels for their sincerity, efficiency and hard work for continues improvement our business as well as services to the nation through quality products.


Message from Ms. Mehnaz Bint Bashir
Director Operations, Rani Food Industries Ltd. (RFIL)

Rani Food Industries Ltd has started a long journey with aspiration to reach its destination .The long journey has only strengthened our bond as a family that lead to future potential. Rani Food Industries Ltd is emerging as one of the top line Food sector industrial conglomerates in Bangladesh with trained up and skilled workforces equipped with state-of-the-art technology to adopt with the automation system.

The management of Rani Food Industries Ltd treated all staff and worker as family members. We believed that to be truly successful, integrity, solidarity and the bond of mutual respect must reach from bottom to very top & we confidently adhere to these principles.

We believe in development and improvement of skills of our manpower. Alongside, we are uncompromised with the quality of our products and services. We also ensure in contributing to the country’s national economy.

With the proper utilization of our resources, we are trying to become a true icon in Bangladesh Food business sector in terms of the quality of products, skilled manpower and using state-of-the-art technology.