GoldMark a sub-brand of Rani Food Industries ltd, started the journey with a goal to provide healthy, high quality, delicious products for our clients. We have an extensive range of different flavoured products that includes biscuits, cookies, butter toast etc. We know the expectations of our customers depend on their experiences, so we focus and ensure all the ingredients necessary to provide them the savour of an amazing experience. Moreover, With the assistance of a huge organized distribution system of more than 5,00,000 retail stores and adequate manforce, we have successfully established an efficient network system throughout the country. 


We provide innovative potato chips with different flavors in it. Immediately after Ringo started its operation in Bangladesh, it became a famous name to our consumers because of the high quality and our large distribution system throughout the country. We strive to meet the demand of consumers who have continuous desire of new and invigorating tastes. Besides of Ringo Chips, Ringo Fried Peas holds the image of trust and blaze among our consumers.  Ringo, a sub-brand of Raani Food Industries ltd. now thrives to provide the real taste of potato in the form of crunchy sticks.


There was a time when people had to get their spices grinded through a very difficult, unhygienic and time long process. Rani Food Industries ltd. has identified the problem of our consumers and to make their life easier we have launched grinded Rani Turmeric powder and Rani Chilly Powder in the market. With the advanced technology and the best grinding machines we ensure the international standard quality of our products and clean environment at the factories. Rani Turmeric Powder and Rani Chilly powder will increase the taste of your food and provide you an amazing experience of a chilled and spicy life.

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